Emerge and Lose Yourself

2 new pieces from the studio 20/4/2011, Currently have work showing at the London Print Fair with the Royal Academy, if you have the chance to visit I am on stall 30 with Eyestorm showing parassita and rose.

New work from Studio 18

Bit of a gap in blog posts while I settled into the new space but it has been a good move for me.  I’ve posted some of the recent work below and am currently working on a couple of new pieces in there.  The studio is shared with 2 other artists Michelle Sweetman and Neil Benjamin, and it’s great to be back in a busy creative environment. I havea few shows coming up in the next week or so.  An impromptu open hang in the Rag Factory, in the the apricot studio on the 14th April where I will be showing a few small ltd edition prints of various pieces – and also I have 2 new works in the Royal Academy Original Print Fair on the 19th 20th and 21st of April.  My work will be appearing on the eyestorm stand and I will be along on the 19th April evening to see this show for the first time.

Below are a few images produced in the last couple of weeks at the new studio.. will post more soon.

Moving Studio

Today, I’m gathering up all the odds and ends lying around the house  to take into the new studio, so I’ll sadly leaving Mitre Studios in Walthamstow, a great studio space above the Paekakiriki press run by Matt Mackenzie, wish all the best to Alke, Della, Kirsten and Martin.

The new studio will give a chance to work on some larger ink drawings that I have been thinking about recently.  8 New pieces of paper stretched up and drying so looking forward to a week of submerging myself in the drawings in there.

In 2 days time the digital versions of Parassita and 5 other works will be presented at Art Paris courtesy of Saatchi online

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The original work of Parassita is represented by Eyestorm who will also be showing my new print of Rose at the London Original Print Fair coming up in a few weeks in April.

time to load up..

Ink-d Gallery and print signing at Harwood King

..trip down to see Inkd gallery in Brighton today – checked out the awesome Carrie Reichardt show that is currently on – gallery is just full of work mindblowing amount of work! – just amazing –  Get down and see it if you get half the chance –

After Inkd, made my way along the coast to Newhaven to sign the prints that Harwood King have produced. Rose and The Harvest, both editions of 25 can be ordered direct from Harwood King now or from a reputable print gallery near you soon 😉  One of the prints, ‘Rose’ will be Exhibited by Eyestorm at the London Original Print Fair at the Royal Academy this April.

Ink-d are currently showing my newly framed piece discovery  – they’ve done a great job and the white frame looks really fresh. Got the chance to show some new work from the portfolio too – great day – & big thanks to Dan & Jenny for your time x,

If you can’t get down to Inkd – check out their website for an idea of the artists work they have on rotation http://www.ink-d.co.uk


–  it’s a comment on the fashion industry’s use of models… ink and tea on paper 76 x 56cm