Carne Griffiths’ artwork is born from a love of drawing and the journey of creating an image on the page. Working primarily with calligraphy ink, graphite and liquids, such as tea brandy, vodka and whisky he draws and then manipulates the drawn line. After graduating from Maidstone college of art Carne served an apprenticeship and worked as a gold wire embroidery designer for 12 years, hence floral pattern, repetition and flow play a large part in his work.

Carne’s images explore both human and floral forms, figuratively and in an abstract sense. He is fascinated by the flow of line and the ‘invisible lines’ that connect us to the natural world. These may be considered lines of energy or spiritual connections between ourselves and our surroundings and his work is often an emotional response to images and situations encountered in daily life. These daily images are recorded in a dream like sense onto the page where physical boundaries are no longer important. Carne’s work takes us on a journey of escapism, often focusing on scenes of awe and wonderment, they offer a sense of abandonment to the artist and to the viewer an invitation to share and explore this inner realm.

The violence of flowers series explores our relationship with nature further.  It draws an analogy between our darker side and the deception and violence inherent in the plant kingdom that is often masked by their beauty.
The pieces can be found in the originals section of this site

18 thoughts on “Bio

  1. These are so beautiful! I’m in charge of the Free People Hollywood blog on Facebook, we’re going to feature your art as our artist of the month! Absolutely breathtaking! We’ll send all of our bloggers to your site 🙂 xxo

  2. Hello Carne,

    I was just given a piece of your work today on my birthday called RELEASE. I just wanted to say thank you for your beautiful work and how it made me feel.

    It has already taken pride of place in my home and I look forward to watching how it changes and effects me with every day I have the privilege of owning it.

    Continue your passion and our joy.

    Tamara Gregory

    1. Tamara – I am so glad you are happy with Release, thank you for taking the time to write to me about it, and my thanks also to you both for following my work. Best wishes – Carne

  3. hello Carne
    wrote to tell you how much your amazing and beautiful work, I have been inspired to enter the world of illustration and design
    I hope someday to make at least half of your talent ..


  4. So beautiful. I’ve just spotted it walking Tdown the Wanstead High St.I and cannot stopS looking Sat it. I love COMFORT and PARASSITA. What a talent!

  5. Your work is amazing and so inspiring. I am an art student and aspiring illustrator thanks to people like yourself. So thank you.

  6. Amazing ink techniques! I love the idea of using tea in your work, very inspiring. I think I might start some draft drawings in your style, I love it:-)

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