Finished work on the 1 metre square piece Closer, was a challenge working both in a quadrant format and also at that scale in pen ink and of course tea.
Closer illustrates our connection to nature as a two way relationship, our dependency and our appreciation

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2 thoughts on “Closer

  1. Hi Carne! Love the picture with the leaves………
    Do you have a studio where there is a permanent collection?
    All best wishes! Hilary

    1. Hi Hilary, lovely to hear from you, I have a studio in Walthamstow but have work at several galleries including Ink-d in brighton. I also have some group shows in the coming months, including the Royal Academy, London Miles in West London, Brick Lane and Vyner Street and am am currently building a new body of work with the intention of a solo show later this year.
      Would love to know how things are with you, I’m missing drawing monograms and slipper designs they don’t quite fit in with my work now!
      You can subscribe to this blog if you would like to know when shows are coming up or I can let you know by email

      Best wishes


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