New Large Scale Piece

Work in progress a new larger scale piece of work, whereby I am returning to concentrate on the underlying drawing in the piece.  This is the largest piece I have worked on, being 1.2 metres square and is a stepping stone to a planned 1.5m metre square piece to see how the inked foliage combines in scale within the image…  more pictures to follow as the piece progresses.

Whats New…

A visit to Harwood King to see Quentin & Nyle on Friday to have a look at the prints of “The Harvest & Rose – & they are looking Gorgeous, really do the originals justice and more than that using varnish they capture part of the creation process of the pieces, – a few tweaks here and there and selecting a printing paper for the finished 2 editions and we’ll be there, look out for them they’ll be around very soon.  Then after Harwood King I visited Ink_d gallery in Brighton to meet up with Dan and show some new work.  It’s a great space which hosts some amazing work from textile artists – painters and printmakers, loved the layout and the vibe of the place.  Dan had displayed 2 of my light boxes alongside  the large drawings of ‘Acceptance’ and ‘Gust of wind ‘ which looked great in the space, I left a bonus piece with Dan too which I hope will get seen by visitors to the gallery.  Left without a souvenir cigarette by soft furnishing artist Harriet Hammel … but just ordered one from ink_d now, they are amazing!! are also featuring 6 originals of my work online, (currently featured on the front page of the site) – The Harvest, Rose, Thistle, Nettles, The Discovery and Sacred.

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Goldleaf explores sacred geometry, the golden section and it’s link to floral forms. Ink and Tea on paper

Sacred Nature

New piece of work exploring our relationship with nature growing organically but constructed around geometrical forms.  Following an accident with a large cup of tea and a plan chest full of drawings!!  Spilling tea on the page is a large part of my work at the moment but this mornings accident very nearly wiped out all of my recent pieces – Transferring to the portfolio now.

Recent Work – Available from Eyestorm

Ink Tea and Graphite on paper – Available Now online from Eyestorm.  2011

Ink Tea and Graphite on paper – Available Now online from Eyestorm.  2011

London Art Fair

The original piece ‘Rose’ will be appearing at London Art Fair represented by Eyestorm (Stall G10) who will also be representing more work in the coming weeks.
Prints of the piece are currently being produced by Harwood King and will be available shortly, as a Giclee / Screenprint with varnish layers and detailing.
“London Art Fair presents over 100 galleries featuring the great names of 20th Century British art and exceptional contemporary work from leading figures and emerging talent”

Business Design Centre, 52 Upper Street, London N1
Please click here to see the MAP

Tuesday 18 January – Preview Evening 6pm – 9pm
Wednesday 19 January 11am – 9pm
Thursday 20 January 11am – 9pm
Friday 21 January 11am – 7pm
Saturday 22 January 10am – 7pm
Sunday 23 January 10am – 5pm

Rose - finished image