New Giclee Prints Available

Small size giclee prints are now available of 2 new pieces, ‘The Discovery’ and ‘The Vine’.
The Vine, painted in a combination of Ink, Brandy Vodka and Whisky  will appear at London Miles’ March exhibition of vices – you can find out more here

The prints, produced as signed giclee editions onto Hahnemuhle archival watercolour paper in a limited edition of 25 each are signed by the artist and are available for £75.00 each here

One thought on “New Giclee Prints Available

  1. The Discovery: an implication of natural enlightenment through utilisation of pale, earthy tones and softness in the character’s face. Her expression is conveyed as a delicately wonderous profile and there is a hint of cool green/blue flush in the cheek which suggests a tender approach to curiosity.

    The Vine: An eerily mysterious character created in cool facial tones which provide a powerful setting for her deep piercing eyes. I particularly like the direction of the jerkily fluid linear extensions from the character’s form and the greenish blue wash which provides a tonal base around the neck location. This character to me embodies a cruelty within nature??? ; she is cold and overbearing
    . Cheers for sharing your work

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