3 thoughts on “Comfort

  1. Hi Carne,

    This work is amazing. How did you achieve this results? Is it hand work or made in photoshop? Please reply

    1. Hi Rajesh, thank you for your comments, The drawings are made in a combination of hand drawn lines with a fountain pen and washes in tea. I use this combination of tea and in k in almost all of my work. There is no digital element, for now anyway.

  2. Hi Carne.
    Very impressed with your work! Your pictures catch the eye. But one thing impressed me more. This girl is incredibly similar to my girlfriend!!! Нer eyes, her lips,her facial expressions. And the color of her hair red, too!! I do not think that you were in Russia. So you could not see her. Who’s that girl in your picture? Is she a real person?

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