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  1. Hi Carne,

    I am responding to your request for feedback on your work. I am a “Fine Art” Graduate from The University of Derby , UK. I am currently self employed. I think your work is passionate and very interesting. Your sketches are reminiscent of Leonardo da Vinci. The light box work is very original and unlike anything I have seen before. Your concepts are thought provoking and unique. You have great attention to detail, yet I feel, your work still leaves room for the viewer to use their imagination. I will be following your work closely, and hope to visit your future exhibitions to see the works in real life. Please keep me posted

    Kind Regards,


  2. Hello i am a current 2nd student from manchester
    I saw your work up in an exhibion on Brick lane earlier this evening,
    i have to say your work is beautiful.
    The attention to detail is amazing the pieces of work i viewed today were incredible i found myself getting lost in your work, my imagination was running wild.
    your images are incredibly inspireing and some of the best artwork i have ever seen.
    Looking forward to seeing some more work.

    Adrianne Brookes

  3. Your work is amazing. So free and confident. I really do admire the fluency of all your pieces. I can see that really love what you do. I can’t stop admiring them and wishing to be able to do something half as good myself.

    Best wishes
    Kasia Dzikowska

  4. Eva Price

    Your pictures are the most unique and rivoting art I have seen in, well forever. Very impressive. I posted you on my Facebook page, which is something I never do for anything. But I love your Art, I absolutley love it!!!!

  5. Saw your work on SU originally, through a link of a link (ad infinitum) that finally traced back to your website. The work on here is amazing. Hopefully SU steers their traffic more to your site instead of those linking. I really liked the figure from your Release show on your site, along with others I saw linked through from BeHance. Keep up the great work, and have fun. Have you done other light boxes sans the one featured?

  6. Hi,
    I’d just like to say that you are so unbelievably talented! Your style is like no other ive seen before. Im in year twelve and have just started my HSC for 2012 & one of my subjects im doing visual arts. For my inspiration I have used you because I really admired your artistic technique & unique mix of mediums you use in your work. At the moment I’m beginning to start some practises for my body of work and i was wondering if you had any tips or processes which would help me practise your techniques? It would be very much appreciated!


    1. Samantha – that is really kind – thanks for your comments and apologies for not getting back to you sooner. tips on techniques.. just that I love to experiment – I use a hair dryer while working to dry layers of tea and manipulate around the page – you can control fades of colour like this if you are careful. MOst importantly – don’t be frightened to try anything and lose yourself in the work. Doesn’t matter if you spoil a piece as long as you discover something doing it. Wish you all the best – Carne

  7. hi! i’ve been sitting in front of my computer for over 30 mins. thinking on how to describe my thoughts towards your artworks or how to compliment your style as an artist, but my brain failed me. I think the simplest words that i can use to express my thoughts are AMAZING and INSPIRING. 🙂

    im excited to see new works! Best of Luck! Cheers! 🙂

  8. Hello, I was looking at your art and fell in love with the girl with the two foxes in the coffee and tea. I was wondering what your policy was on tattoos of your art? If you are okay with the idea, I would love to get that one done. If you are not, I wholly respect that.

    Thank you for your time.

  9. Hi,
    i am writing this post with a hope and excitement, your work is so amazing and creative, the flow, the blend of emotions and how you put it in ink and not to forget the tea and alcohol..i mean its awesum!! I am a young entrepreneur trying my best to get into the Online retail of tshirts in India, we have a huge market for it here as its still young in terms of online selling of tshirts. We would be selling all across india and God willingly if i get orders from abroad, i would love to ship our tees to different countries too. We are working on theme basis, like our first theme is the Sketch Code where all te designs would be hand sketched or digital sketches. and when i saw your work i was so tempted to use your designs but i believe its a lot of hard work that you put in along with your passion and faith so i should first take your permission regarding the same, and now while writing this i take the liberty to ask you if you could allow us to use your few designs like 1 or 2 for the first collection of mine, as i know your designs would sell here like anything and give my brand a boost too. i am ready to feature you on our website as well in return as a favour for this, we can put your name and weblink on the tags of those tshirts that we sell to give due respect and credit to you for your work, that ways the whole of India and our worldwide customers too would get to know about the amazing work you are doing.We wont be able to pay you anything because we cant afford such an esteemed and talented person as of now, but i seek for help in return for which i would promote your name and your weblink and even your work on our facebook fan page and website and the tees itself.

    Reply soon. and keep up the great work

    Vikram Koul

    1. I wanted to make sure I knew your position on the issue, as
      I know many artists do not appreciate it. Unfortunately, I can’t
      afford that licensing, but I wish you the best with your work. It
      is truly beautiful.

      1. Hi Celina – the previous reply was not meant for you but for a t-shirt company that was looking to produce the work on garments. My answer is yes – I would just like to see photographs of the work and for it to be acknowledged as my artwork – best wishes – Carne

  10. Hi
    I just wanted you to know that you’re my favorite modern artist
    I wish I could say more but I really don’t know how

  11. Carne,
    I’ve just discovered your work. I love the style and how different it is. Today I have been lucky enough to have purchased both ROSE & IN SPRING thanks to pay day. Keep up with the good work & I look forward to seeing your future work.

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