The Sketchbook Project

Just back from the preview visit to the London Art Fair and delighted to meet the team, some great works at their stand including stunning pieces by Hector de Gregorio, Michele Fletcher, Ali Miller Rachel louise brown and Vasilis Avramidis .  Also great to catch up with good friend Dan Baldwin – see the new works on offer and meet the team at CCA Coriander, thanks for making us so welcome while we camped out looking at Dan’s work.

Spending the rest of the evening working on my sketchbook for the sketchbook project – getting very attached to the little book now.. will be hard to send this one off! Here’s a little vid of some scribbling


Somewhere Else

Unusually a second post in the same day but I have been catching up with some work in the studio and am about to send this piece over to the Ben Oakley Gallery in Greenwich – hopefully tomorrow.  It is titled ‘Somewhere Else’ and is another piece that has derived from the violence of flowers series but as it is more contemplative – I don’t think it belongs with the others.

Today in the studio has been great – if I stay inside the sun shines – if I go outside for 5 minutes it lashes down with rain.. best stay inside for everyone’s sake! – hope you like the new work, something different about this one..


New piece from the studio amd today I found this quote…

“The microcosm and the macrocosm are built on the same plan. Just as the individual soul is encased in the living body, so is the universal Soul in the Living energy of Nature. The objective universe, is embracing nature. This covering of the one by the other is analogous to the relation between an idea and the word expressing it.  This dual aspect of the Universal Soul is eternal. So what we perceive or feel is this combination of the Eternally Formed and the Eternally Formless.”

It sums up a lot about our interconnection with the world on a micro and macro level.  The artist tries to tap into this interconnection… this is where my work is heading..