Journey – Solo show @ Gallery 90

Journey is an exhibition of drawings made since leaving my full time job as an embroidery designer in 2010.  The exhibition will show different aspects of work and will focus on what I have enjoyed doing most over the last year, portraiture, floral pattern and automatic drawing.

immortal – Ink and tea on paper 60″ x 26″

I often use the word ‘Journey’  to describe the process of making my artwork, always allowing the work to grow organically and change in style in response to each input.
A year ago I was intrigued to know what a years worth of drawing would look like.  This exhibition will show representations of key pieces made from November 2010 -November 2011, and a collection of new works not previously exhibited.

Journey will be showing from the 19th December at Gallery 90, 90 Mountgrove Road London N5 2LT,


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