Bond Street Poster

A new poster advertising a forthcoming exhibition of my work in New Orleans is currently at Bond Street Tube Station. If you get a chance to pass by and take a picture please email to me.
The new work from the Harvest series will be appearing soon in walthamstow village at the castle pub

and will feature a collection of drawings alongside selected work from the 4 100sqft exhibitions.

Battle – Piece inspired by floral motifs from Uniform Embroidery

During my time as an embroidery designer floral motifs such as oak leaf, laurel, and thistle cropped up continuously and they are finding a welcome place within this new series of work. This piece used the floral motif to create a false armour, with imagery that relates directly to the motifs worn in the british army and over seas by higher ranking officers, particularly generals and field marshals. The motifs also occur regularly in consular and diplomatic uniforms and are used to denote rank and status.

Rose – Finished Piece from the Harvest

Decided not to work too much into this, there was enough rose leaf and enough suggestion of the overall form to leave the outer pencil marks to describe the shape.  Again this piece is drawn from a reference image and has marked a departure from the automatic process, the leaves and foliage are all drawn from memory / free although I have been making studies inbetween large pieces.

This piece is worked in brown havana ink with blue waterman ink, tea and water on stretched bockingford watercolour paper.Rose - finished image

New Pieces from the Harvest .. in progress

Just posting some work in progress, trying to be careful not to overwork these pieces which involve over painting with layers of water / tea – layering the ink drawings like this gives the drawings more substance and a welcome introduction of colour.  I think most of this work looks better unfinished but it is always tempting to keep adding…